Adept IT Solutions was created in 2002 to enable me to both contract directly to my employer (instead of via an agency), and establish my own PC and IT services business.  After 30-odd years working 60 to 80 hours per week for large corporates, I thought it was time for a "sea-change".  The money isn't as good, but life is much better!

I started in information technology as a computer operator for a (now defunct) bank, served as a National Serviceman, and studied Computer Science before resuming my IT career in software development.  In the mid 1980s I found myself managing a computer bureau, and responsible for software development and support for mainframe computers and the (then) new IBM PC.  The PC caught my imagination at the time, and it wasn't long before I built my first system (a 12MHz 80286-based box), and have kept pace with the ever-changing PC and mainframe technology ever since.

Major achievements of recent years:-

  • Year 2000 Program manager for Australia & New Zealand for an IT and telecommunications company.

  • Project manager for technology refresh of 2,600 PCs & associated network & servers across Australia & New Zealand for a major multi-national.

  • Project manager for the establishment of an Australia-wide DSL broadband installation service and all associated service infrastructure.

  • Established ADEPT IT Services as a full service, direct to the consumer, computer service.

  • Built and still support a full Windows Server 2003/XP solution for a Melbourne-base consulting firm

Full résumé available on request.